Youth Performers

Here are some more details of our amazing youth performers!


SATURDAY 9 November – battle of the bands.
1:00pm M22
M22 is a contemporary pop rock band consisting of six year nine girls from Catholic Ladies College. They were formed last year and are a student led band. All of these girls are heavily involved in music and love performing new songs. They have performed at college music nights and have been invited to perform on a music tour in Queensland. All girls of the band contribute during rehearsals and enjoy practicing together. Their goal as a band is to get into more gigs, shows and to perform at more live performances.
1:30pm Temporary Fix
Temporary Fix heralds from Catholic Ladies College. An unlikely mix who have come together simply to play music. Starting out as just a VET Music class, they wanted to go that extra mile and perform with each other and have fun doing what they love.
2:00pm 24/7
24/7 is Catholic Ladies’ College’s very own Year 10 student contemporary band. The band consists of 6 talented year 10 students; Ella Avard (Drums), Julia D’Agostino (Keyboard), Tiarna Graham (Lead Vocals), Caitlyn Jahne (Bass), Elyse Mifsud (Saxophone) and Kate Nayler (Guitar and Vocals). 24/7’s main style of music consists of contemporary songs, but the band has also played a range of other genres. In the future, 24/7 hopes to have the opportunity to perform more often and actively take part in more performances.
2:40pm Soul Kicks
14 piece soul funk band from CLC. A fantastic representation of all female band performing with passion and energy to entertain us on this day. Soul Kicks works on creating new arrangements for classic hit of soul funk and also pop. Soul Kicks band has been on an interstate tour to Queensland with an amazing response by all audiences. Prepare to immerse yourself in the sounds of Soul Kicks.
3:20pm Pins & Needles
Pins and Needles comes from Eltham High School. Their lineup consists of 2 guitarists, Cam and Josh, a bassist, Holly, a drummer named Lucas, and their lead singer, Gaia. They have previously performed at the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival and Banyule Youth Festival.
4:00pm Phoenix and Allara
Phoenix and Allara have been playing together for two years performing at school events/concerts and a previous battle of the bands that was held at their high school Templestowe College. They play alternative, folk music and they will be performing original songs to covers.
4:30pm Ritual
Ritual is a Hard Rock band formed in May 2019 from the mysterious depths of the Templestowe College Music Department. They started as a 3 piece band consisting of Gus Foletta on Bass, Halley Simpson on Drums and Skyte O’Malley on Guitar. After inviting Lachie Fulvio to join them on vocals, they became a full band who’s soul purpose is to rock out and destroy the audience’s ear drums.
5.05pm Just Ridiculous
These guys are just what the name implies. They’re all Just Ridiculous. They’ve been performing together for just over two years, and have built a name for themselves as the group that does “a little bit of everything.” They’ve got songs from jazz to alternative rock to straight up head-bangers. As a band they are constantly evolving, experimenting with different genres and decades. They’re fun, they’re crazy, they’re here for a good time.
5.40pm The Last Minute
The Last Minute is a Unit 1/2 VET Band from Eltham College. All students in Last Minute are currently Year 10 students who formed the band at the beginning of 2019.
6.30pm HEADLINER: Eliza Joan and the Renegades
Our headliner for Saturday night is Eliza Joan and the Renegades.

Eliza Joan is an up and coming Alternative/Folk Rock artist who can be found playing gigs around Melbourne’s live music scene with her band, Eliza Joan & The Renegades. Luring audiences in with her obscurely dark and whimsical songwriting, Eliza draws inspiration from the likes of Radiohead, PJ Harvey & Mazzy Star.

7.45pm Winner Announced


SUNDAY 10 November- battle of the soloists
12:00PM Mareesa
Mareesa is a 23 year old Music Theatre Student. She likes to sing jazz, pop, showtunes and anything from Glee. Jamie her guitarist and partner hates showtunes unless they’ve been parodied by animated TV shows. What a match made in heaven!? Together they’ve performed at University, RSLs and interstate Weddings.
12:35PM Zen Jackson
Inspired by the likes folk and indie pop musicians such as Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, Singer-song writer Zen brings energy and emotion to her performances, offering a unique artistic interpretation of beloved classics and current hits.
1:10PM Jennifer Lily
Jennifer Lily is an 18 year old singer songwriter who hopes to one day make a career out of music. She has performed live at festivals such as youth fest, venues in Brunswick and at her music school. She won Banyule has Talent in 2017, and performed at last years Eltham festival. Her influences are songwriters such as Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga, and she hopes to follow in their footsteps by continuing to write and develop her music.
1:45PM Amy Verwoert
2.00PM Tamzyn Stephens
2:10PM Heba Tayeh
2:40pm Zoe Tracas
2:55pm Rebecca Franzoni
3.10pm Aliyah Bilal
3.25pm Danielle Bertuna
3:45PM Winner Announced